About Us

Company History

J-Pump has been in the business of water pumps since 2001 in Lebanon, but in 2010, a joint venture was formed with another major company, Jamal & Chaaban, which is based in Tripoli and has expanded the market exposure. Our company is involved in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of Ebara Pumps Europe range of residential and commercial pumps and systems for building water services and irrigation. We are also the authorized agent for Varem Pressure and Hot Water tanks, Italtecnica Pressure Switches, Maniero Electronic panels and multiple other brands that compliment our line of services.

What the company does

The company is classified as a licensed dealer for multiple brands in the Lebanese market. As wholesale distributors, the company deals with points of sales and contractors.


Vision statement

To expand beyond the boundaries of Lebanon in consulting and becoming a beacon of knowledge in all water solutions.

Mission statement

To maintain the high reputation we earned for professional behavior in the market and see it spreads to acquire a bigger market share.


Honesty, Integrity, Customer satisfaction and valuing for employees.

Business goals & objectives

Increase market penetration and market share especially with contractors.

Economic intent

This is a profit making company with no political or governmental affiliation.