Represents one of the most important centre in Europe for the market of the industrial and domestic pumps.
Ebara has developed an innovative range of stainless steel products which offer relevant advantages compared to the conventional cast iron pumps, as for example a high efficiency thanks to the smoothness of their materials, feature which allows to eliminate most of the energy loss caused by the friction. This is obvious merit of the high technological level achieved in the years at Ebara on this product, with particular reference to the moulding and welding processes.

EBARA PUMPS EUROPE S.P.A. is headed by EBARA CORPORATION in Tokyo, Japanese multinational present in the world for this sector for over ninety years, with the constant will to meet technological development and market requirement, in the total respect of the environment.

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Marquis Pumps:

As the production research and manufacturing base of ZheJiang Teams international Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., Ningbo MARQUIS HI-TECH Co., Ltd. was founded in April, 2002 with register fund of 5 million dollars. Meanwhile, there are 100 stuff and a total area of more than 40 thousand m3 mainly carrying on MARQUIS water pumps, and production task and research of petroleum motor products.

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Dreno Pumps

Dreno Pompe is an established brand in the field of domestic, sewage and industrial pumping. Thirty years of experience and a desire for the highest possible quality together account for the success of the products. Significant investment over the last few years has brought the Dreno brand to be synonymous with reliability and quality. Dreno Pompe, with its youthful spirit and mature experience, is always ready to accept the challenges of the market.

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varem s.p.a. is a world leader in the production of pressure tanks for water and heating plants, with over 30 years of experience. varem markets its products in italy, EU and worldwide.

varem manufactures also rubber membranes, the heart of pressure water tank, so totally controls the production of the main component of the tank. varem realizes also other devices, plate heat exchangers and boilers, to mantain a wide control on the markets of water and renewable energies.

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Italtecnica is a leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical pressure switches and electronic devices for electric pumps employed in a wide variety of sectors which include civil, industrial, hobby, firefighting, agricultural, irrigation, water treatment, etc.

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Maniero Elettronica

Maniero produce control panels with a power range from 0,37kW up to more than 132kW for 1“ 6 pumps or motors.

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Fome Group

The key-word of our style is FLEXIBILITY, so we can supply our manifolds on customers drawing in short time. UNI ISO 9001:2000 is the production level attained and our working guarantee.

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Dragflow is a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipments. Dragflow is focused on the continuous development of its design and manufacturing activities for dredging, mining and industrial sectors.

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Electroil is a company operating in the field of electro-mechanical drives. The range of Electroil inverters specific for centrifugal pumps, is the most complete in the field from 1,1kW to 30kW.

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 Pentax Pumps

Top quality & Original Italian Pumps for Industrial, Residential & Commercial Applications.




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ESPA Pumps

ESPA is a company specialised in designing, producing, distributing and innovating in pumps, systems and water-management equipment for the household and residential sector.

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 Our company produces level regulators since 1981, and the difference between our construction and the others is that our products have been produced after careful research aimed at eliminating failure risks.


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